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West Beckenham Bowls Club


Club Fixtures 2017

         Date              Venue         Opponents                           Rink     Dress                                                                                          


        Sat     22nd                        Opening drive                                        G

        Sun    23rd                                                                        

        Wed  26th           H             Knockholt                              3MT         G  

        Sat     29th                         ALEXANDRA  SHIELD

        Sun  30th


        Tues 2nd             H             Kings                                     3MT         G     

        Thurs 4th            H             South Hill Wood                     3MT         G

         Sat    6th            A            Langley                                  3MT         W

         Sun 7th                             OPEN DAY

         Wed   10th          H            Bellingham                            4MT         G

         Sat      13th         

         Sun   14th           A            Bromley Common                 3MT         W

         Tues  16th           H             Queensmead                       3MT         G

         Sat    20th           H             HSBC                                   3MT        W

         Sun 21st

         Mon 22nd          H             Ashburton                             3MT         G

         Sat 27th

         Sun 28th            H             Forest Hill                             3MT         W

         Wed 31st           H             Cliffe                                     3MT           


         Sat 3rd              H             Duke of  Kent                       3MT         W

         Sun 4th            

         Wed  7th            H             RBS                                     3MT          G

        Sat   10th

        Sun 11th           SELECTIVE PAIRS  1 DAY EVENT

        Wed 14th           A             Bellingham                           4MT         G

        Sat 17th              KENT  2 woods  (West Wickham)               

        Sun 18th            A            Grangewood                        3MT         W   

       Tues 20th            H            Ladywell                              3MT          G

       Sat      24th         A            Bethlem Royal                     4MT         W

       Sun     25th

       Wed   28th         A             Orpington Excelsior            3MT                   


       Sat     1st           H            Langley                               3MT           W

       Sun   2nd             DIVISONAL FINALS

       Wed   5th           A           South Hill Wood                   3MT          W

       Sat     8th                        KENT SEMI FINALS  MAIDSTONE

       Sun    9th         H            Bromley Common                3MT          W                

       Sat    15th                       

       Sun   16th        A            Petts Wood                          4MT           W

       Sat    23rd                     BENEVOLENT TRIPLES

       Sun  24th         A            Kings                                   3MT           W

       Wed 26th         A            Francis Drake                      3MT           G

       Sat 29th
       Sun  30th        H            Coney Hall                          3MT              


       Wed 2nd           H           Beckenham & Stanhope   3MT            G

       Sat    5th           H           Francis Drake                    3MT           W

       Sun    6th             TRIPLES COMPETITION 1 DAY EVENT          

       Wed   9th         A       Knockholt                         3MT                       G

       Sat     12th

       Sun 13th          A     Orpington                           3MT                       W

       Tues  15th       A      RBS                                    3MT                        G

       Sat    19th       A      Coney Hall                          3MT                       W

       Sun    20th      H      Bethlem Royal                   4MT                        W

       Wed 23rd        H      Bromley Town                    3MT                        G

       Sat   26th        H      Petts Wood                        4MT                       W

       Sun 27th

       Thurs 31st       A       HSBC                                 3MT                       G


       Sat     2nd                 CLUB FINALS
       Sun    3rd                  CLUB FINALS

      Thurs 7th         A        Cliffe                                 3MT                       G

      Sat 9th                HOSPITAL FINALS AT WEST BECKENHAM BC

      Sun 10th          A       Duke of Kent                    3MT                       W

      Tues   12th       A       Queensmead                   3MT                        G

      Sat     16th       H       Grangewood                    3MT                       W

      Sun 17th           BB & DBA    Finals

      Thurs 21st       A     Bromley Town                      3MT                       G

      Sat 23rd          A    Forest Hill                              3MT                      W

      Sun 24th                       PRESIDENT’S DAY

      Tues 26th        A      Ladywell                             3MT                        G

      Sat 30th          H    Orpington Excelsior             3MT                        W

      Sun 1st               CLOSING DRIVE 



    Rinks: 3MT = 3 Mixed Triples, 4MT = 4 Mixed Triples

    Dress: G = Greys, W = Whites

    Venue: H = Home, A = Away

    NB all games start at 2.30 except the North West Kent league